BFA Senior Show

Show Artist Statement: I began drawing for pleasure when I was young. My drawings were reproductions of characters I found interesting in games and movies. Growing up in the computer age, I was naturally attracted to it as an artistic medium. For me, it opened up many doors into the art world. With the computer, I was able to merge my interests of outerspace, computer games, movies, science-fiction, design, street art and music. For this body of work I have created my own characters and narrative. Each work is pieced together, on the computer, from a variety of sources. These sources are mostly games and movies that have been influential in my life. Through this process I created a team of characters, belonging to the space pirate guild, the Illegal Aliens. The Illegal Aliens reside in a universe that has been oppressed for ages, and they fight for survival and equality. If the vastness of space cannot diffuse racial conflicts, then what can?

We chose our profession out of necessity. Due to the greed and favoritism of the Republic, work is exclusive to the chosen few. We were rejected because we were different, so we found other uses for our skills. Now we are truly free. We are the Illegal Aliens.
— Credo of the Illegal Aliens

uca Baum Gallery Installation



for the smuggling of illegal drugs across the Rio Grande Debris Field. Ship rumored to have cloaking abilities. Generous reward if captured ALIVE.


for the bombing of commercial Battlecruisers and trade convoys. Known to take captives and sell them for ransom. Will resort to kamikaze tatics if necessary.


for the theft of the jewels of Sarnoth. Believed to reside in restricted, high radiation areas. Also a member of the Blackhole Thieves’ Guild. Highly dangerous.


for the destruction and looting of private traveling vessels. Known to launch ambushes from asteroid fields. Shoot on site. Highly dangerous. 


for the murders of company officers aboard the Battlecruiser Narcissus. Armed and dangerous. Was last seen heading into the South Nebulae.


for espionage and the theft of intelligence. Known to impersonate friendly factions. Bounty if captured ALIVE.


for identity theft, scamming, security cracking, virus distribution, illegal ship and weapon tuning, and software pirating. Rumored to have technology that can cripple any vessel.


for the distribution of illegal goods and substances. Known to be a supplier of rare weapons and ship parts. Rumored to deal in alien artifacts and other exotic goods. Member of the Spaceborne. Whereabouts are unknown.